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Books for Babe's primary project is to partner with local hospitals to provide a R.E.A.D (Read, Engage, Attach, Discover) Tote to newborn babies and their caregivers. We know that brain development begins on day one of life.  By the first 1,000 days of life (about 3 years) 85% of the brain's total volume it will have as an adult is formed. In these first 1,000 days neurons are making billions of connections we call learning. One way to foster these connections in through serve and return- or parents and caregivers interacting with their baby.  These interactions can occur many ways but a few examples are through smiling, laughing, talking, touching or reading.  Our R.E.A.D. Totes are one tool parents can use to improve their interactions. As of August 2021 we have distributed over 3,400 R.E.A.D Totes to local families. 

What's in the Tote?

  • One board book

  • One paperback book

  • Bookmark

  • Brochure on reading aloud

  • Face It Materials

  • Head Start and Early Head Start Flyer

  • 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten application

  • Imagination Library application

Mother reading a book to her daughter..j
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